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Services and Training

Smart Moves

All inclusive program that gets your business idea moving in the right direction. This includes all three SMART programs.

Smart Start

Program designed to help start your business right.

Smart Growth

Ongoing counseling plan for any stage of your business.

Smart Money

Program for dealing with money issues that every business has.

Leadership Development and Training Course

This course is essential for learning the intangibles to equip business owners with the tools they need to start, run, and sustain their businesses.



Every client, both Resident and Affiliate, will have monthly mentoring and coaching sessions for the first year that will provide thorough screening of the business plans and structure to set a focused program for growth and success. This path to growth will help the business owner know where they are and where they should be going. The hands-on mentoring and support is critical for business success, and this is where many businesses begin to lose focus and encounter substantial problems. Detailed worksheets help the owner in making better decisions to reach better results quicker and the action plan steps serve as an effective tracking and benchmarking tool.

In year two of SMART MOVES®, the business will continue to meet with their mentor and coach at least once a quarter to ensure the four areas of business essentials (concept, customer relations, organization, and operations) stay on track and continue to move forward and upward. Regular evaluation of revenues, new clients/customers, and cost analysis will serve as benchmarks for growth.


SMART START® is a 9 week, “Business 101” course designed to assist those who have a business idea and a desire to start a business to establish a viable plan for success. Material experts are scheduled each week to present the primary topic of 9 essential values needed for success. Thorough discussion and hands on training centered on that topic complete the weekly class which is followed up with independent research, study and plan development. Over the 9 week course the participants undergo 32 classroom hours and approximately 128 lab hours. Completion of a business plan is expected by the end of the course and required for graduation and available CE credits.


Essential to the continued success of any business is the availability of coaching and mentoring. The Entrepreneur Center’s SMART GROWTH® Program is an ongoing mentoring program available to company’s at any stage of development or growth. The participants are encouraged to follow established “best practices” for business success, especially in the area of customer development and continuity, marketing and advertising. Mentors for each business sector are available for regular sessions.


SMART START® lays the foundation for a business startup, SMART GROWTH® provides continued mentoring and coaching for public relation and marketing, while SMART MONEY® serves as a “Business 201” program dealing with money issues of every business. Banking essentials, loans, financing options, and necessary financial processes are emphasized in this five week 18 class hour course of study. While SMART START is recommended in year one, SMART MONEY® should follow in six months to one year.


This course is essential for learning the intangibles to equip business owners with the tools they need to start, run, and sustain their businesses. Projected to serve 25 participants in each course in four sessions over the 24 month projected period, this course provides participants with materials, books, training exercises, and case studies to test and hone leadership skills.